TailorMate Team

Tailormate is a tailor digital marketplace

The Brief

TailorMate team ask us to create a simple motion graphic video to explain the background problem, how it works and how it would increase the economic - regionally and nationally. 

Background Problem

Indonesia is well-known for its finesse in textile and garment. The industries of textile and garment in Indonesia are growing bigger and bigger. Tailors have been a common profession in Indonesia. Each of them have their own speciality; it might be kebaya making, tuxedo making, and other speciality. Some of them open small business on their home which sometimes no-where near the cities - where the demands are. And the tailors on the cities are overloaded with demands and charge them with unreasonable cost! There's no market equity.

Let's take a look from the buyer point of view. For them, it's a pain to go to the tailor. Some of the reasons are because the tailor's location is hard to reach or the buyer has no time to go back and forth! And if the buyer wants to search for a new tailor, they don't have any reviews about the new tailor quality.


From these problems. the team come up with a new idea:

 The result of Tailormate motion graphic explainer video in Bahasa Indonesia.

What is Tailormate

Tailormate is a digital marketplace for tailors and buyers. It's a bridge between supply and demand of any sewing skills online! You can select the tailor speciality with specific range of prices. For those who want to search a new tailor, they can see the reviews, rate and result photos the tailor uploaded. Chat with the tailors online, no more wasting your time and effort to go back and forth! Cool right?

A quick glance of Tailormate interface on "Tailor Profile" Menu in this motion graphic explainer video.

A quick glance of Tailormate interface on "Search Tailor" feature in this motion graphic explainer video. Filter by specialization, location and cost range.

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